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Comment bien choisir une carte de condoléances

How to choose the right condolence card

Sending a card for every occasion in life may not always be necessary, but it can be extremely beneficial in certain situations. Indeed, during a bereavement for example, sending a condolence card can be a very good idea if we really want to show the recipient our support. It represents a thoughtful gesture for a person or family who has lost a loved one and often has more impact than a simple “my sympathies” thrown under a Facebook post. However, it is sometimes difficult to know what to choose, especially during times of grief. Here's how to help you choose the right sympathy card:

1. First think about the message you want to convey. Sometimes, a simple “I’m thinking of you” or “I’m sorry for this immense loss” will be enough to convey your sympathies to the bereaved person without going into details. A simple and sober card would then be the perfect vehicle to express your condolences. To make the card more personal, you might also want to add meaningful memories of the deceased or even share a special quote that resonates with you both. In this case, a more personalized card template might be suitable!

2. To know whether you opt for a more generic or more personalized model, you must take into account the relationship you have with the recipient(s). Is she a good friend or the wife of a work colleague? Your own level of comfort and familiarity with the recipient should influence your choice of sympathy card. If in doubt, a more generic option might be fine. If you are closer to the person to whom you are sending a card, it is possible to choose something more personalized and even…original!  Your grandfather loved pogos and your grandmother loved making a running gag out of them? So a card that makes a nod to the famous pastry-coated sausage could suit your bereaved grandmother! Everything is possible, but it will obviously depend on your knowledge of the other. 

2. The relationship between the deceased and the recipient(s) must also be taken into account. A close friend or family member of the deceased may appreciate a more sentimental card with a heartfelt message, while someone who wasn't as close may prefer a less personal option. Perhaps your grandmother would appreciate a card with a nod to the pogos that your grandfather loved, but it would surely resonate less well with your grandfather's sister! 

In short, remember that a generic card can be just as appropriate as a personalized card depending on the circumstances. It is also possible to find sober but not cheesy Quebec condolence cards at ALL . Finally, whatever the card, you must keep in mind that it is the gesture itself that counts and this will always be greatly appreciated.

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