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5 astuces pour rédiger des voeux de manière plus personnelle

5 tips for writing wishes in a more personal way

Many of us have already had blank page syndrome when preparing to write wishes. Whether it's for that work colleague to whom we have to say goodbye, or that couple of friends who have just gotten married, sometimes words fail us despite our good will. While selecting a greeting card carefully is a good start, what we write on it matters too! No one wants to seem cold and distant, so what can you do to avoid generic wording? Here are five tips for writing wishes in a more personal way:

1. Focus on the recipient rather than yourself. Even if your only desire is to say how fantastic your trip to Rome is and that the peppered pasta plate you ate the day before was crazy, keep yourself a little embarrassed and try to interest the recipient first. 

2. Think about what you like about this person. To spark inspiration, you can start by asking yourself what is truly unique about this person or what you simply like about them. Their peppered pasta recipe? Their sense of humor? Their intelligence? Their candor or simply his astrological sign? Make sure you emphasize it.

3. Remember good times you shared with this person . A good way to leave a personalized message that will resonate as much for you as for the person you are writing to is to include a little anecdote that you experienced together. Memories are unique lived experiences that are sure to prevent leaving a generic message. 

4. Highlight their accomplishments. Did the person you're writing to just buy a new house, finish a training course or project, knit four pairs of socks or save humanity? Underline it in your short message. 

5. End the card with a heartfelt statement. Finally, don't forget to end the card by expressing your feelings about the person and what they mean to you. A simple “I love you” or something more elaborate like “You have been a wonderful friend to me over the years – thank you” is the perfect ending to a memorable greeting.







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