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(Partners in life and in a host of projects for more than 10 years, Vincent and Cybèle are also parents of two little boys together!) Photo by Olivier Gariepy

A whole family story | Illustrator Vincent Tourigny and artist Cybèle B.Pilon united in life and creation!

The adventure of TOUTE began in 2018. When Vincent lost his job as an employee, his partner Cybèle, herself an artist, encouraged him to realize the dream he had cherished since his childhood: becoming a self-employed illustrator. Together they created a first collection of greeting cards that Vincent sold in a few Montreal businesses. Vincent quickly received illustration contracts one after the other. The marriage of Cybèle's funny concepts and Vincent's colorful illustrations were so popular, that they continued to add new cards to their collection each year.

TOUTE , a range of stationery and products illustrated in Quebec by illustrator Vincent Tourigny in collaboration with Cybèle B. Pilon was born.

Since then, through original products for everyone, they have worked to weave joy into both the ordinary and extraordinary moments of life.

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